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CameraMan for Maya®

CameraMan has been nominated for the 3D World Magazine Software Innovation of the Year award. Cast a vote for CameraMan!

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What is CameraMan?

CameraMan for Maya® is an iPhone app that allows you to control a camera in Maya using an iPhone. The purpose of CameraMan is to create handheld camera effects by using an iPhone or iPad as a motion capture device. CameraMan 2.0 works by using a combination of accelerometer and gyroscope data through an API Apple calls Device Motion. The data is sent to Maya via an open connection that exists between the Maya session and CameraMan app.

What can CameraMan do?

CameraMan is a project that is actively being updated. New features and capabilities are constantly being developed. Here’s a list at what version 2.0 offers.

• Full XYZ rotation using gyroscope
• Full XYZ translation using gyroscope
• Ability to switch between rotation and translation modes
• Utilize translation and rotation contraints
• User defined translation and rotation speed controls
• Record translation and rotation data to baked keyframes in Maya
• Adjust camera focal length as well as set custom focal length ranges
• Control Maya timeline playback
• Automatic device calibration when Maya camera is activated
• No longer uses MEL scripts! All Maya command code is internal to CameraMan app
• Custom CameraMan Maya Shelf available via iTunes Sharing

Preview Video: See CameraMan in action!

User Interface Guide

How do I use CameraMan?

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